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The Medical Dangers of Homosexuality REFUTED

by @ 5:43 pm on Saturday, December 31, 2005.

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There are a number of problems with the sources and statistics that Dr. Diggs uses for this paper (which is not published in a peer-reviewed journal, as is expected of any credible scientific report).

1) Dr. Diggs makes the centerpiece of his article four apparent facts: 1) gays are more promiscuous than straights, 2) gays have more STD’s than straights, 3) the human body was not physically designed for gay anal sex, and 4) gays have a higher rate of psychiatric disorders than straights.

I’d like to address points 1 and 3 first, since these are simply not supported in the medical literature. First, no accepted study has supported his claim that gays are more promiscuous than straights. Urban legend strongly suggests that gays have many more sexual partners than heterosexuals. However, matched samples between heterosexuals and homosexuals provide evidence that there is no difference in the rates of sexuality between the two groups. A review of that literature can be found here:
Dr. Diggs’ cites the Bell and Weinberg study to show that gays are radically more promiscuous then straights. However, this interpretation of the Bell and Weinberg study has been rejected by the scientific community because of numerous problems found in the study (primarily, they did not use a random sample, they used a faulty control group, they did not disclose parts of their data, and their definitions were too broad). A summary of these issues can be found here:

Second, Dr. Diggs claims that gay sex is contrary to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Robert Gagnon makes a similar argument in his recent anti-gay book. However, this also is not supported by the scientific community. The studies that have been done show that there is no pathology associated with the musculature or tissue associated with anal sex. Further, the anatomy of the region is actually complementary to this type of sexuality, contrary to what Dr. Diggs proposes. If it weren’t then damage would occur, which it doesn’t. Further, the ano-rectal area of men is innervated with the same nerve that innervates the penis (the pudendal nerve) and stimulation of this region (specifically of the prostate) can, by itself, produce orgasm in the male. I summarize the literature on this topic here–scroll down past the first several paragraphs to get to the summary on this particular topic. It is a numerated list of 5 items.

Dr. Diggs brings up the issue that semen has properties that show anti-immune system properties, and that this should be evidence enough that gays should not engage in anal sex. However, what he doesn’t make clear is why this biological fact does not also preclude vaginal sex. If the anti-immune system properties were significant, then would it not cross gender lines? He tries to make the connection between the "fragility of the anus and rectum" to support this conclusion, however the scientific literature does not support the assumption of the fragility of this region, since it does not take into account the equal fragility and susceptibility to disease of the lining of the uterus.

Diggs makes the claim that gays have a higher rate of STD’s than straights, and that, in and of itself, should be evidence that homosexuality is a sin. However, as I addressed in a post above, this medical fact is not so much an indictment of gays, but of the patriarchal racist culture of western cultures which provide the best medical care to white straight males. To reiterate my argument from above, while African Americans have significantly higher rates of STD’s than whites or gays, I doubt that Diggs would want to use this fact as a tool to initiate the eradication of African Americans. Further, Diggs tries to make the claim that since aids has such a higher rate of infection among gays than straights in the us, he fails to put it into the worldwide epidemiological context, where possibly 80-90% of the cases of aids is transmitted by heterosexuals. Thus the use of this argument seems to fall back onto itself given the larger context of STD epidemiology.

Finally Diggs tries to show that gays have a higher incidence of psychiatric disease than straights, and to use that as evidence that homosexuality is a sin. However, such is simply not the case. While studies are conflicting, more studies than not show little difference in the rates of psychological pathology between gays and straights. Below is a list of over 30 studies from the past 40 years, all in peer-reviewed journals, disputing Diggs’ conclusion.

The one study that Diggs uses to support his claim is a very well-done study from the Netherlands. What the study claims is that 56% of gays have mental disease, whereas only 42% of straights have mental disease. While I do not dispute the methodology of the findings, the issue is replicability–why do so few other studies find similar results while the vast majority of studies on this topic find no difference in results? Further, I question the meaning of the study in terms of the use that Diggs tries to show. If homosexuals are mentally disturbed, as Diggs wants us to believe, then wouldn’t there be a 100% concordance rate with gays and mental pathology. What about the other 44% that show no evidence of mental pathology according to this study? Is a 14% increase, if that statistic is even valid (which no other study supports), how does that make Diggs’ case for him?

Diggs tries to make the association that since the Netherlands is "considerably more accepting of same-sex relationships than other western countries", that this would counter the claim that gays experience more mental disease because of cultural oppression and abuse. Diggs even points to the fact that the Netherlands allows gay marriage to bring home his point. However, what Diggs fails to mention is that the study was conducted well before the legalization of gay marriage. Further, he does not explain the history of the gay-rights movement in the Netherlands and the continuing generalized anti-gay sentiment by many groups in the Netherlands. The study itself does not provide age differentiated statistics to show us if only the older gays have a higher rate of disease and if the younger gays, who have grown up in a more tolerant atmosphere, have lower incidence of mental disease.

Another point that Diggs brings up is the earlier age of death among gay people. Again, this is a distortion of the medical literature and the accepted interpretation of the data. The study to which Diggs points is a study that, as a group, gay people live 20 years younger than straight people. This study is based on a study of people who have died of age. It compares the assumed prevalence of homosexuality (3%) with the death rate of straight people. However, the critical flaw in this study is that it only looks at people who die from age and draws the age projections from that. Granted, if you have AIDS, then your life span is dramatically shortened, and youalso have a higher chance of having aids in the us if you are gay. But if you look at the life-span of gays and straights who do not have aids, then you will find no difference in life-spans, just as you will not find any difference in life-spans between gays and straights who do have aids. If this study were to be done in Africa, then one would find the reverse pattern–you are in grave danger of dying from aids if you are straight.

One major medical mistake this physician made in his article regards the use of a non-existent disease to condemn gays. He brings up the disease known as "gay bowel syndrome" to show that homosexuality is sin. However, the history of this disease is actually used in epidemiological literature as evidence of how cultural bias creeps into the medical literature. It is used to help doctors to view their patients objectively and not jump to conclusions. GBS is actually not a disorder at all, but a conglomeration of symptoms that doctors "assumed" were related to homosexuality. Subsequent studies (the article Diggs cites is from the 70’s) have shown that GBS does not exist.

One of the most common problems among writers to attempt to make the case that Diggs does in this article, is that they provide statistics on gay pathology, but do not provide mirror studies of straights. Diggs uses a similar technique here. For example, he makes the claim that 37% of men have practiced some form of sadism. He cites an ethnographic work by jay and young as support for his claim. However, the data they provide is not from a scientific study, but from an informal survey. Further, a study done on this topic from the journal of personality and social psychology indicates that 33% of women and 50% of men have sexually sadistic fantasies.

This pattern of providing statistics on gay people that seem shocking are frequently not put into the larger cultural context, that shows the statistics are not really that shocking when one compares them to the sexual behavior of the general population. Take public displays of sex and sexuality. The alleged "pro-family" groups harangue endlessly on how pathological gays are for our obsession about sex (which doesn’t exist if one looks at the peer-reviewed, replicated studies on this topic). However, I cannot walk down a grocery store aisle, watch a movie, turn on daytime and evening television, or listen to the radio without seeing pictures of barely dressed women, seeing headlines about "how to drive your man wild", or see shows that depict wonton adultery and explicit displays of sex. Considering how small the gay population is in the us, and how rampant the "problem" of heterosexuality, it seems that if the pro-family groups were truly interested in protecting the family, they would be spending their money and time proportionately–97% being focused on getting your own people under control and advocating for repeals of the divorce laws, since 50% of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce and over 1/3 of the "intact marriages" (the term used by Diggs) have partners engaged in adultery.

20 Responses to “The Medical Dangers of Homosexuality REFUTED”

  1. Sandra Crimson Says:

    I think you need to go the fuck home. I swear to god. Who the hell do you think you are?!? Gays do not have more fucking stds than straights!!!!! They are born that way, thankyou. Some do not like being gay while others enjoy it. Point is that they cant control or change it, it was how they were born. But you wouldn’t know that because your head is shoved so far up your ass. FUCK OFF!

  2. Joe Brummer Says:

    you go girl, but the idea is to bring them the truth. I feel your anger and I have it too, but we can bring them the truth. Our adversaries are just misinformed and sometimes brainwashed by the religious right. We must bring them the truth in the fashion of Ghandi and MLK. No one will listen to us if we are just cussing them out, we need to bring them the truth in a non-violent peaceful way. that is the way to the truth.

    Dr. Diggs just needs to be informed, not cussed out!

  3. Regan DuCasse Says:

    Joe, you shouldn’t have to even shout out the obvious, but your need to reveal this speaks to just how committed the anti gay are to ignorance.
    Ignorance and want are two of the greatest dangers to human beings.

    And no people whose mission is love would require ignorance as a tool.
    The truth, if put simply, is that there is virtually no difference between a gay and straight person, but same gender attraction and sex with the same gender (who shares the same orientation).
    There is no genetic difference, physical or mental or emotional difference.
    Just sexual difference.

    And in all of Creation, difference is natural. And we have a kind of sameness in the differences.
    A sort of ‘family resemblence’ so to speak.

    And this difference between gay and not gay is so beyond the pale in reality, it’s sad and a waste that anti gay forces spend so much time and money creating and maintaining a fiction and forcing reality into shadow.

    Perhaps they should be called on their expense to enforce fiction.
    There is an article in the NY Times today about the increase in violence from casual encounters.
    The young and poor most often, those without a co parent, are more prone to this casual violence.
    They can access a gun more easily than a trade license, and fights break out over cheap property, food, choice of music…resulting in murder.

    Rather than vilify a group of people who DON’T casually procreate, the anti gay should address the larger group that does. The group that leaves millions of children on welfare and in foster care, poisoned by drug use and disease and violated by their biological parents.

    Their standards and political action is aimed at the wrong target.
    The expense they are going through to keep gays and lesbians in court, away from ballot and legislative redress, and printing material that lies about gay people, would be better spent addressing their straight brethren’s sexual irresponsibility. The public is far more impacted by straight irresponsiblity.
    But that wouldn’t be popular would it?

  4. Inviza gurl Says:

    i just have 1 thing to say. why do u have to be all up in other peeps lifes. it has nothing to do with you. i mean cum on r u gay? no then why do u care so much? why r u so invloved in what other peeps want to do with there lives. are they hurting you? do thay give u nightmares? i mean cum on its stupid and pointless to be still on the whole gay peeps are out to get us all thing. i know my say in this doesnt matter much considering i’m not gay only bisexual. i like a little of both so tell me whats that say bout me? thats right i don’t give a f*** bout u or anyone else who thinks they can try and tell me stupid s*** like i’m gonna die sooner if i’m gay. what kind of bull is that? all i have to say is stay the **** out of gay peeps lifes and focus on ur own. let me ask u this, when was the last time u had sex and enjoyed it? be honest….

    edited by Joe Brummer, only for language.

    I also ask that Inviza girl read the link at the top of the page concerning non-violence.

  5. Mark Says:

    Inviza gurl,
    Last night and this morning. Let me ax you a question, are you aware that the word “cum” is not the same as “come”? and “peeps” is not short for “people”?

    Joe, and I am under moderation ? geesh.

  6. Joe Brummer Says:

    Yes, Mark You have been on moderated comment for weeks. I have taken you off that. For awhile I was finding your posts pretty much gay bashing. I will put you back on moderated comment if I find that you are going to gay bash again.

    This site is visited by both gay and straight people. I have no desire to have my gay readers come here and get offended.

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  14. GregoryE. Burch Says:

    I am a 48 year old male! I have a scar abought 6 inches long on tthe left side of my back that has been there since I was six years old. An eleven year old boy, for no known reason, decided he needed to run his bicycle over the top of me then get off and on top of me and pull his penis out stick it in my face and said to me suck this you faggot! Who was gay at that time? Wonder were he learned to be so violent!lol How do doctors become doctors with there own repressed homosexuality they live with. Why focus a paper on gay people like this if not but by self hatred and a lack of self understanding! Come OUT folks where ever you can. I am sure there has to be more GAY and BI and Gay excepting doctors out there and in the closet! We need you! Speak OUT!

  15. Jan Cook Says:

    This is the most hate filled group of people I have encountered in many years. The language and the accusations concerning Christians are uncalled for in dialogue such as this.

    (joe) Jan, this isn’t dialogue at all. This is you trying to convince us all that you are right. That is debate not dialogue.

    In comparison to the percentages of “gay” men and women to the percentages of heterosexuals the stats are very much correct:
    1) gays are more promiscuous than straights, 2) gays have more STD’s than straights, 3) the human body was not physically designed for gay anal sex, and 4) gays have a higher rate of psychiatric disorders than straights.

    (joe) Sorry, Jan but these numbers have been proven in the post above to be false. Please do not just throw junk science around without backing it up

    There are not 10% of the population who practice homosexual sex, there are only slightly over 2%.

    (joe) Jan, No one makes the 10% claim anymore so stop using it.

    You do not find heterosexuals going to bath houses and restrooms to have sex. You do not find them in Parks having sex with numerous people.

    (joe) well, sorry but lots of heterosexuals go to bath houses. There are “Black key clubs” all over the country which are places straights go to live out sexual fantasy. As for the restrooms, I believe Larry Craig is claiming to be a married heterosexual along with the other members of his klan like Haggert etc..

    You and I are born heterosexual and there is no homosexual gene, in fact “homosexual” is not a person it is a behavior. It is a perverted behavior and can be changed if the desire to change is there but it takes work in some cases.

    (joe) Jan, You have no evidence of what you are saying and I have evidence to prove it false. Again, I would request that you not use junk science here on this site. You are toting the gays can change but even the recent Exodus International Study on those who have changed proved that the number who change is so small it is scientifically insignificant. I sense that you are so wrapped up in the lies you have been fed that you don’t care to see the facts.

    You are not up to telling the truth on this site because to do so may threaten the very existence of the “gay” movement.

    (joe) Actually Jan, I believe it is the opposite. I am telling he truth. The fact is if you were to do the same it would threaten the accuracy of the book you are using to hate people. Your fear of god doesn’t seem to allow that.

    The two filthy monsters who raped and tortured Jesse Dirkhising never got the press it deserved why? Because, it was done by two admittedly male homosexual pedophiles that is why.

    (joe) Prove this ridiculous claim. What you are doing here is sick Jan. You are trying to connect gays and lesbians to child murderers. That is hate speech, that is wrong. I have never harmed a child in my life, so please do not ban me together with murderers.

    Do not try to tell me that hate is from the Christians, we are the only ones who have “gays'” eternity at heart. Activists for the “gay” side are the haters for they are the liars.

    (joe) I believe Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have already proved this point wrong. I believe your friend Stephen is filled with hate for gays. The problem here Jan is that your name calling us is no better than us name calling you. Try Nonviolence, it works and your holy book demands it.

    Your so called truths are obtained from very unscientific sources and are biased. Just look at the garbage that claims a genetic link. It has been disproven over and over again.

    (joe) There is no science that leads to a genetic link for homosexuality. There is also no link for being left handed or musically inclined, but we know from what we see that a link will be found. Just because science hasn’t found the answer doesn’t mean that it isn’t so.

    And, even if there was a biological connection even that has been tainted by the fall of the first male and female. We are full of sinful desires and none of them are healthy otherwise they would not be sin.

    (joe) I am always amused when religious folks would ignore the hard facts of science for religious myths. We will prove a biological connection. We are almost there on the other hand we are far from ever proving or finding any evidence that the God of the bible exists, let alone Adam and Eve.

    I am happy you stopped by Jan. Feel free to comment again, but know that the name calling will get your comments deleted. Please refrain from calling people liars.

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  17. Roy Martin Says:

    Any thing that goes against the laws of nature has negative consiquences.All of you gay people think you have the right to infest your evil sex acts and desease on society.You say you were born that way but God did not create gay people.It is an evil spirit and you make the choice to except it just as drug users and murderers and child molesters do.They all have an excuse just as you do.You get angry at people and society if we bash your unnatural acts.If we except gay as normal then whats wrong with having sex with animals and children even our own daughters and sons.We can say we were born that way.If we except gay rights then it will be only a matter of time that all of these evil things that are against our design and laws of nature will be rampant on this earth.Its not your fault that this evil unclean spirit came into you but its your fault to choose to keep it.You know good and well its wrong and perverted to no end.You also know and believe in right and wrong.I also believe that you probably dont believe in God but im willing to bet you believe that there is a satan.Your anger really isnt against people like me.Its against yourself for the fact that you are weak and pathetic and an insult to all that is good and natural.Stop looing at those against you and look at yourself.Your the one that wimps out to bad choice not us.I have children that need to be protected from you and your kind including any one that thinks its normal.You are a disgrace to man kind and God and our children and schools and family morals.

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  19. a. mcewen Says:

    I have to commend you Joe. Your comment to this guy negates all of the ugly things he said.

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