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The Science of Sexual Orientation

by @ 1:51 pm on Thursday, March 15, 2007.

This is from a 60 minutes episode where some of the current research on sexual orientation is being explored. The episode focused on some of the major studies including a twin study, a facial expression study and the “brother” study that claims the more male children a women has the more likely one of them will be gay.

This is some pretty eye openning stuff.

This is from New York Magazine which talks about some of the other studies currently going on in the science of sexual orientation.  Much of it seems to think that sexual oriention and “handedness” are link to the same genes.  We shall see what comes of this.

New York Magazine

ScienceDaily (Nov. 8, 2007) – Is sexual orientation something people are born with – like the colour of their skin and eyes – or a matter of choice?

Science Daily Article

Sexual Orientation Revealed by body type and motion, Study suggests (Study from UCLA)

Read the article on body type and motion here

The Gay Brothers Study is a research project looking at 700 sets of gay brothers.  They are doing a molecular genetic study of sexual orientation.  Researchers from the NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago are searching for genes that influence male sexual orientation.

Click here to visit the web site for the Gay Brothers Study

Sherr L & Diamond J (March 26, 2008): Is there a ‘Gay Gene’? Scientists hope to Demonstrate Genetic Link to Sexuality. ABC News 20/20.

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