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Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Scientific Evidence on Genetic Links to Sexual Orientation

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Another study was released today showing connections between genetics and sexual orientation.   For those of us with no attractions to people of the opposite sex, this is just confirming what we already know, that we were born gay.  I am always rather amazed that someone can continually say that this is changeable or a just a behavior.   Behaviors are something you “do”, yet I could do nothing at all and I would still be a homo.   I can also tell you that my homosexuality is not changeable.   I can’t speak for anyone but me, but I spent years trying to change it, and all that did was drive me close to suicide.  I have heard similar stories from others who made much more concentrated efforts though religion.

One important piece of this article on the study is that the connection between being left handed and being gay are fact, not part of an agenda.   What the article fails to mention is there has never been a “left handed gene” found.  I note this because no one trys to change kids into “righties” anymore now that we know it hurt kids.  Most people accept that people are born left handed without having genetic evidence of it.  So why is it so hard to believe people are born gay?

This study also shows homosexuality is not our parents fault as the new book by the non-scientific Richard Cohen would have you believe.   It has nothing to do with how much or how little your same sex parent did something.  Why people are still giving any credit or ear to this man is beyond me.   Even the ex-gay world stop listening to this guy, why is he writing a book.   Again, he is the case of doing more harm than good.

I am now just going to wait for the conservatives to jump up and down while screaming this is the “agenda”

2 Responses to “More Scientific Evidence on Genetic Links to Sexual Orientation”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I haven’t read this study yet, so I won’t comment on it. However, I have noticed that those who believe that gays and lesbians can change to straight are almost always those who were gay in the first place. They have convinced themselves that they have ‘found Jesus’ and therefore they are straight. If sexuality were changeable, then going from straight to gay should be just as easy, but I don’t hear too many straight men claiming that they are changing to gay (unless they were gay in the first place and pretending to be straight for whatever reason).

  2. roger3815 Says:

    I have to admit that I’ve always said it doesn’t matter whether it’s a choice or not. I have the right to choose. However, I have always found the notion that we are like the Borg–you will assimilated, resistance is futile–crap that the religious right promotes just plain silly.

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