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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Peter LaBarbera Exploits Death of Young Man

by @ 9:01 pm. Filed under Americans For Truth, Gay News, hate speech

According to Box Turtle Bulletin and Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, Peter LaBarbera has exploited the death of a young man in his quest to paint all GLBT folks in a dark light.   Peter’s article, which was suppose to end his support for Suregeon General Nominee, Holsinger, instead used the Death of Russel Groff as some example that GLBT folks who have HIV/AIDS have it because they are gay.  It is a sad and inexcusable article.

Peter writes:

Russell died at age 26 of HIV/AIDS after living in a homosexual relationship. How many future men will die young if the politically correct silence on homosexual health risks is not broken? Groff’s mother wants to use his life to warn other parents and children about the perils of embracing a “gay” lifestyle.

To Start with, in turns out Russell died of a staph infection after having his gallbladder removed.  It is UNKNOWN if that was related to his HIV.   Secondly, their is no “health risk” of homosexuality anymore than their is a “health risk” of heterosexuality.   Unhealthy behaviors belong to both gay and straight people alike.  Lastly, Groff’s mother disowned her son years before.   She doesn’t want to warn other parents, she wants to blame her son’s death on someone and Peter helps to make gays and easy target for blame.  

This article from LaBarbera is truly the hate we face from so-called Christians.   LaBarbera wants all his readers to believe that homosexuality is the cause of this young man’s death.  That has no factual or scientific basis.   Being a gay man does not mean you will get HIV, die younger or have more disease than a heterosexual.  Poor choices lead to unhealthy lifestyles.   People make unhealthy choices when they don’t feel good about themselves.   Living in the world Peter has helped to create for GLBT folks, it is no wonder so many make bad choices that lead to unhealthy behaviors.   Not all GLBT folks make bad choices, not all GLBT folks live unhealthy lives.   Many of us are living very healthy, happy lives.  We are not the picture LaBarbera created for you.

RUssel’s parents are contesting his will which had him buried in a Quaker plot.  His partner has been fighting them in the courts to protect his wishes.  The legal battle with Russell’s parents has drained his partner Kevin of much, including cash. His legal fees are currently running $22,000, of which he has raised only $5,000. Anyone wishing to help out can read more here and make contributions to this address:

Kevin Olive Defense Fund
c/o Homewood Friends Meeting
3107 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

One Response to “Peter LaBarbera Exploits Death of Young Man”

  1. Pink Pitbull Says:

    Peter’s behavior was nasty and inexcusable. I have no doubt that he will soon try to justify what he did by continuing to blame lgbts for HIV and AIDS

    One good thing does come out of this. At least more people are aware of Russell Groff’s partner’s legal fight. Mr. Groff’s family is challenging him regarding Mr. Groff’s will and his burial site. The legal fight has been taxing his finances. I hope the attention helps him.

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