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Monday, April 9, 2007

Paul Cameron: He Creates the Lies and the Right Wing Spreads them Around

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Paul Cameron, almost famous for distorted research, has once again put out some shady statistics on how married gays die younger.   The conclusions reached in this latest study not only are absurd, they have been misrepresented to the Christian Press as way more legit than they are.  This hasn’t stopped Americans for Truth and others from shouting from the rooftops how gays die younger and that homosexuality is worse than smoking.

Jim Burroway over at Boxturtle Bulletin has the details on the Cameron and Cameron study.

Paul Cameron

Jim writes:

In 1993, Paul Cameron, of the Family Research Institute, began touting a paper he said he presented at the Eastern Psychological Association entitled, “The lifespan of homosexuals.” Using obituaries from various gay newspapers around the country, Cameron claimed that the average lifespan for gay men was a mere 42 years. For lesbians, the average was 44.

While that study was roundly criticized for its ridiculous methodology, those statistics have persisted as a sort of macabre urban legend among some anti-gay activists. Among them include Christopher Rosik, a California psychologist who cites Cameron’s lifespan figure as justification for sexual orientation conversion therapy.

Well, Cameron’s at it again, hijacking the Eastern Psychological Association’s reputation once again to claim that gays and lesbians in registered partnerships in Denmark and Norway experience a lifespan up to 24 years shorter than their heterosexual counterparts. His latest claims are already being picked up by anti-gay activists, conservative news organizations, blogs, and pundits. Conservative columnist Armstrong Williams commented on Cameron’s claims and asked, “Considering these statistics, do you now believe that vulnerable children should be raised in such an unstable environment?” It’s only a matter of time before these statistics make their way into the mainstream media.

Cameron’s paper, “Federal Distortion of Homosexual Footprint,” is filled with all the strange and bogus statistics we’ve come to expect from him. I examined his methods and in my latest report, “Paul Cameron’s Footprint,” I show you why the claims he makes based on data from Denmark and Norway are completely worthless. My conclusions:

Yes, Cameron is up to his same old tricks again. You can bet that this won’t be the last time we hear from him. And no matter how ridiculous his methodologies may be, he will continue to provide statistical fodder for the anti-gay lobby. But with his latest paper on the “Homosexual Footprint,” he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. This time, as always, his “footprint” is planted firmly in his mouth.

You can read the whole report here.

2 Responses to “Paul Cameron: He Creates the Lies and the Right Wing Spreads them Around”

  1. Phillips Says:

    Someone help me here, Jim’s whole rebuttal seems to rely on the assumption that “it only covers those who have died *so far*”, but it’s not like the records only cover a particular age group, it covers any ‘gay’ that entered a marriage. It seems like there’s really nothing to pin on their new study.

  2. Joe Brummer Says:

    You haven’t really made your point clear. WOuld you like to try again? I would also point out that one refering to GLBT folks the word “gay” is used to describe a “person”. By simply refering to a persona as a “gay” raher than saying a “gay person” it makes you seems rather “anti-gay”.

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