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Sunday, March 9, 2014

A School for Kayimet: Marshall Rosenberg Classroom for Peace

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The land where the school is to be built

Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green in Branford, CT has begun a project to build a school in the town of Kayimet in Northern Haiti.  As a part of that mission, they are allowing those who donate $7000.00 to have the rights to name a classroom. I, Joe Brummer, author of this site,  want to name a classroom the:

Marshall Rosenberg Classroom for Peace.”

I am asking my friends, family, and those who are supporters of Nonviolent Communication and Marshall’s incredible work throughout the world to donate to this cause.  Why?  So every kid that passes through that room asks the question, Who is Marshall Rosenberg and what’s he got to do with peace?

About the project:

Trinity Church was introduced to the people of Kayimet through the work of Global Health Ministry. Rev. Sharon Gracen and Janet Constantino, a nurse practitioner who attends Trinity, have taken part in this non-profit organization’s yearly trip to Haiti. The visits to the villages are to set up health clinics that are organized by Sister Jackie Picard, from the convent The Religious of Jesus and Mary, in Gros Morne, the nearest town to Kayimet. She is one of our local partners for this project.

The plan is to build a two story building, built to the best earthquake and hurricane resistant standards, that will house seven classrooms, a cafeteria, clinic, office, restrooms and showers. It will also include a food pantry, and a storage facility which will qualify Kayimet for distributions from the World Food Program.

Who is Marshall Rosenberg and why name a room after him?

Marshall Rosenberg is the founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg has been a huge influence in my life and my work.  While I agree, it is odd to name a room after someone who is still alive and well, my hope is that those who have also been influenced and touched by Marshall’s work in Nonviolent Communication would agree this is a worthy cause and would enjoy seeing Marshall’s name attached to something so worthy! It is also my hope that this school could one day be a giraffe school.  While that is further down the line, this is a nice start.

How Can you Help:

Trinity Episcopal Church is serving as the project facilitator, which also allows all contributions to receive tax deduction eligibility (please consult your tax advisor). Donations can be made by check or online with PayPal*. Send your check to Trinity Church, 1109 Main Street, Branford, CT, 06405.  Please note Kayimet School-ROSENBERG in the memo line of your check so your donation will go to the Kayimet School Project and the naming of the classroom for Marshall Rosenberg. The funds will be held in a discrete account and wired as appropriate to our onsite partner in Haiti, Sister Jackie at The Religious of Jesus and Mary convent in Gros Morne.  ALL proceeds from donations, less wire transfer fees, will go directly toward the Kayimet School project.

DONATE ON THE WEBSITE: A School for Kayimet

*To donate using Paypal, there will be a box on the second page of your PayPal process that allows you to make notes, please type Kayimet School-ROSENBERG in the note field.

If you have questions, or would like to talk to someone who has actually been to Kayimet, contact Rev. Sharon Gracen atrector47@trinitybranford.org.

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