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Saturday, December 18, 2010

SPLC Updates List of Hate Groups Now includes Peter LaBarbera

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About 3 years ago, I sent an email to the SPLC asking why Peter LaBarbera was not on their list of anti-gay hate groups.   I don’t remember the exact reason they gave me.  It amounted to something saying they really didn’t know too much about him or something like that.  I have since lost the email, so I can’t say I really remember the answer.

I now see, Mr. Labarbera is listed as a hate group along with a few other groups I also believe belong on the list.  LaBarbera like many of those on the list make the claim that gay groups and liberals are trying to silence them, end the debate, etc.  A claim I not only would refute, I find it amusing.  A long list of bloggers, pro-equality groups and others have been debating LaBarbera for years.  The issue is when we nail him on his facts, his faulty research or lack of decency toward folks like Jeremy Hooper at GoodAsYou whose wedding picture Labarbera has hijacked and defaced, Peter seems to run, hide or scream utter nonsense.

I would offer to Mr. LaBarbera and others who claim GLBT groups are trying to silence them, we have been debating for years and debates are useless and dialogue is impossible with someone whose relies on biased criteria as a starting point.   As this point, I believe the debate is over.  Even the idea someone would debate our lives and loves like it is just a political issue is pretty offense to me.    Peter’s presentation of our lives leaves me feeling pretty irritated because I value honesty, integrity and most of all respect.  A few of the values not met for me when I look at his blog.

Anyway, I mostly am trying saying that I am happy the SPLC has added Americans for Truth to their list.  I appreciate it because it discredits many of the outright lies and attacks he inflicts on gays and lesbians.  It also makes it more difficult for him to raise money and make a living at the expense of others.

I would also offer to Mr. LaBarbera and others like him that since leaving the world of daily blogging I have step into a world where I regularly see young lives taken by street violence.  I see folks struggling to get jobs, feed families and find healthcare.  I see incredible amounts of systemic racism against Black, Hispanic and other nonwhite groups.   I see lots of areas where Mr. LaBarbera could place his energy and be a lot more inline with the message of the Jesus I learned about in the bible.

At a recent conflict workshop series I did here in New Haven, CT, a young minority woman said to me, “If you kill a Yale Student, it is National news, when you kill one of us, it is another day in the ‘hood.” I have to admit hearing these words from a young person hurt because I value life.  I heard another state how it is easier to get  gun than a job.  I would love to see the LaBarbera’s of the world, the Bryan Fischer’s of the world and other anti-gay groups start putting the money and energy where your mouth is.   You say you are really about god, Jesus and the bible then prove it by taking the thousands of dollars you are making at the expense of others lives and starting putting the money to the well being and enriching of others lives.

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