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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VIDEO:RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

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What I enjoyed about this video is that it didn’t come from Fox or CNN, it came from a science organization in England. This isn’t rhetoric from American new agencies but opinions from people who actually study this stuff.  I will say my line again….if by socialist, you mean I believe in people over profits than yes, call me that. In fact call me whatever you want just stop spending your billions while people suffer.  You don’t need a flat screen in your bathroom while millions of people don’t have a bathroom.

I over heard this young man who worked at Walmart talking to his fellow cashiers about who he got a deal buying this gold watch and gold pendant that was bigger than my whole hand for $1000 dollars. He was just gleeful in his good fortune of getting such a deal on these fashion items…I felt sad hearing him talk as he was so young.  I thought, he could have put that into a savings account or used it towards going to school so he could get a better job than cashier at Walmart. He could have put it towards his retirement or savings for his own child’s college education.  He could have used it to do so many things and yet the gold sits on his neck and he doesn’t realize just how much it is weighing him down….yet.

I agree with whoever it is that made the statement that it will not be until the last drop of water is gone and the last piece of bread has been eaten that folks will finally get it…you cannot eat money or gold.

VIDEO: Jack DuVall – The Dynamics of Civil Resistance (FSI 2010)

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Great video explaining what nonviolence really means in a campaign and why it works…..a must see for activists.


Monday, June 7, 2010

VIDEO: Expensive Shoes vs. Human Life (The choice is easy, right?)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VIDEO: The Empathetic Civilization

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