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Friday, December 28, 2007

The conservative voice condemns homosexuality and then advertises for a gay website.

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This is the absolute most blatant form of hypocrisy from the Christian right I have ever seen. In the article, the author states:

The Homosexual Agenda

The strategy was revealed 20 years ago in a 1987 article titled, “The Overhauling of Straight America,” and a 1989 book titled “After the Ball.” In which two radicalized homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen published their plan. Both Kirk and Madsen were highly educated men. Kirk was a Harvard educated researcher in neuropsychiatry, and Madsen had a doctorate in politics from Harvard, and was an expert on public persuasion tactics and social marketing. (The Marketing of Evil, David Kupelian, p.23)

Their strategy was six fold:

1. Talk about gays and gayness as loudly and often as possible.
2. Portray gays as victims, not aggressive challengers.
3. Give homosexual protectors a “just” cause.
4. Make gays look good.
5. Make the victimizers look bad.
6. Solicit Funds(Get corporate America and major foundations to financially support the homosexual cause. (The Homosexual Agenda: (Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today. Alan Sears & Craig Osten, p. 18)

I bolded the last statement about “soliciting funds” to support homosexual rights but they themselves have done the same by accepting ads from Google which has advertisements for websites like realjock.com. You can’t condemn homosexuality and then accept advertising revenue from sources that promote gay websites. That is blatant hypocrisy. That would be exactly like this website accepting advertising revenue from search engines that post anti-gay ads. (Something Joe Brummer can assure you will never happen in this lifetime)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christian Churches being burned by Hindu Mobs

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Christians are living in fear as angry mobs of Hindu’s are burning churches in Indian State of Orissa.  Christians and priests are being bashed in the streets and there is rumor of one death.   The violence stems from a clash between Hindus and Christians preparing for Christmas celebrations.

I am sad to see another violent clash of “my god is better than your god” mentality and suffering.  This type of thinking scares me as it continues to grow both in the Middle East and here in America.   It amazes me that most religions claim to teach peace, yet violence seem to erupt anywhere religions clash.  Religion seems to fail at teaching conflict resolution.

In Nigeria, there is violence between Christians and Muslims that has killed many.   Homes and churches have been burned to the ground.  The clashes all seem to come from people’s differing views on who is god and how should he be worshipped.

Sadly, this same type of divisiveness is being promoted here in the USA as preachers, ministers and ministries work to paint enemy images of each other.   A popular tactic is to tear and rip and each other’s religious doctrines and interpretations of the bible using military like metaphors of battle.    While this has not led to the level of violence that we are seeing in other countries, it is certainly this same mindset that underlies these acts.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther Kings, Jr., we must learn to live together like brothers or die together like fools.

The Mystery of Christmas

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CBS News documentary 48 Hours aired a special on the Mystery of the Christmas Story last night.   I was fascinated by some of the facts about the Christmas story and how it is clear some of the facts are either made up or inaccurate.   I always knew that Christians celebrated the birth of Christ on the pagan holiday of the solstice to “blend in”, what I did not know that it was also a day or two around the time of Ceasar’s birthday.

The show leaned toward belief in the story more than it did disbelief or the probability.   It points out that Matthew’s Gospel account states King Herod called for the slaughter of all infant boys yet no historical evidence of such an event exists.   One reason is that some believe Jesus was really born in Nazareth not in Bethlehem hence his name.  

The article points out the obvious contradictions and differing accounts of the birth story.  It points out and reminds us that the New Testament is not an eyewitness account of the life of Christ, but based on stories that were passed down from person to person.   Lots of varation can occur when stories get passed around from person to person. 

One important fact brought to light in this story is the reminder of the “other” gospels.   The ones people deemed heresey.  Some like the gospel of Philip say Christ was not born of a Virgin.   What is clear is that there is no agreement about the story of the birth of Christ (another reason I don’t believe the bible says anything about god).   Each story about the birth of Christ differs greatly enough, but also cannot be confirmed by historical records.   Wouldn’t one think that if god was going to come to earth, he would want to make a bigger deal of it?

Another facts remains that if the bible is wrong on some counts wouldn’t it be wrong on others?   What of the good book can we take as fact and what is made up or embelished?  Which facts in the bible match historical records and which facts are contradicted by the facts?  This shows that we cannot take the bible literally, but if we can’t do that then we also cannot use it to damn people like GLBTs folks.

Here is the preview of the show:

Conservative anti-gay leader fakes attack on himself.

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Read the article for yourself. Its horrifying to me that some gay people fake attacks on themselves, as that only serves to keep legitimate victims from coming forward, and makes police more skeptical of claims of anti-gay harrassment and assault. Its just like women who fake a rape to get back at boyfriends dumping them or at their divorced husbands. It only makes it that much harder for the prosecution to get a conviction. But I hope conservative groups like Americans For Truth, AFA, FOTF will call on this man to apoligize not only to our community but to actual victims of anti-christian assault and harrasment.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Americans for Truth Christmas Pleas For Money

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Americans for Truth has a post up today asking for donations.  I was going to pick it apart and point out a few minor bits of misinformation but I see Good As You has already done this work for me.  Thank you G.A.Y.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pass it ON!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Antichrist Will Be Gay???

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I see at the Gay Christian Ministry Watch DL Foster has been chosen as one of the “10 Emerging Voices of the African American Church”:

In its February 2008 special Black History Month issue, Charisma Magazine will be featuring “10 Emerging Voices of the African American Church”. Incredibly, I was selected as one of those voices. I will be writing an article about the state of the black church and homosexuality.

I went to the website of this Charisma Magazine, and big surprise–there was an article on those nasty homosexuals, but it was not written by DL Foster, but someone named Kimberly Daniels.  It may not have been written by Foster, but their messages are the same. 

Apparently this Kimberly Daniels is referred to as an apostle, at least according to her own website (wow, what an ego to go along with everything else!).  She has some interesting ideas, including trying to get people to pray at certain times of the day:

Your assignment is to pray at least one hour between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. If your day makes this impossible and you are up late, pray at 1:00 a.m. (Only if feasible). The prayer assignment is to create an environment in the heavens before the sun rises conducive to the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven. According to scripture, at sunrise the ordinances of the day will be released as it has been programmed through prayer. We will deprogram all the agendas of darkness before the break of daw

(the ‘daw’ is from her own website…)

Besides trying to ‘create’ a conducive environment in the heavens in the early morning, she is also involved in writing against homosexuals. 

Here is a bit of what the straight Daniels has to say in her article called “Gay Deception“: (more…)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nonviolence in Action: Coffee anyone?

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I saw this story on NBC Nightly news about a man who was taking too long at the drivethru. The car behind him was honking and giving him a hard time. In an attempt to change that negative energy into positive energy, he paid for the coffee for the car behind him making the racket. That caused a chain reaction that continued all day. People buying coffee for each other. This is nonviolence in action.

When we respond in love, not violence, it blossoms into beauty. When we respond in violence, we only add more pain to a painful world. I prefer the beauty and hope you will choose nonviolence in your next negative interaction…..turn the anger to love!

Peter Labarbera continues to misrepresent Gallup poll results regarding homosexuality.

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Our friend Peter continues to insist that the majority of americans regard homosexuality as sinful. In an article he wrote:

According to Gallup surveys, about half the country still beliefs that homosexual behavior is wrong – a tenet of most major religions. Employees holding this traditional viewpoint have their rights, too. Had I been allowed to participate in the panel, I would have urged that corporate managers treat these employees with respect and dignity – by avoiding such common errors as: 1) holding one-sided “awareness” sessions that demean people of faith by failing to represent their beliefs; 2) falsely insinuating –– as gay activist groups often do –– that those who hold traditional views on sex and marriage are somehow guilty of “hate,” prejudice, or “homophobia”; and 3) not heeding the advice of tradition-minded employees in corporate sponsorships and other policies surrounding homosexuality.

But at the gallup website I found the rest of the story:

Results on the perceived morality of homosexual relations present a glass half-full/half-empty analysis conundrum. On the one hand, the percentage saying such relations are morally acceptable has clearly grown over the last several years, from 40% in 2001, when the question was first asked, to 47% today. This is the first year that an outright majority of Americans have not said homosexual relations are morally wrong.. 

I’m sorry Pete but the majority of people don’t consider our lives to be immoral. And you can’t claim that the undecided voters would vote in your favor because you don’t have a crystal ball.  Within a few short years your viewpoint will come to be seen in exactly the same light as the pro-slavery advocates. I have to add that it was conservative christians like the Southern Baptists who supported the institution of slavery while progressive christians like the American Baptists worked to abolish slavery.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Worst Person Award: Tony Perkins

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While I disagree with calling anyone a bad person, this video has some interesting news about Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council…

Anti-Gay Blogger slams pastor over pro-gay stance.

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Mark at the blog Chester Streeet is attacking Pastor Rev. David Williams’ stand on gay relationships.  Mark writes: 

There is nothing ‘pleasing’ in God’s sight about homosexual relationships. No translational or intellectual gymnastics will replace the clarity of scripture regarding God’s design and God’s commands regarding sexual purity.

Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

Great harm and pain can come to those married to a homosexual spouse.  Here is just one website that details just some of the horror stories of women have had to endure while being married to whom they thought was a straight man. Here is another and another.

There is no benefit in promoting these fraudulent marriages.  We hope Mark will see the pain caused by encouraging people into relationships that are not built on honesty.   Encouraging people to be themself is the only way to preventing such pain. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Anatomy of Hate Speech, Part 100688

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I have said before, it is not always what someone says, sometimes it is what they didn’t say. That is the case with the latest article from Peter LaBarbera on his site Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. He is on a rampage about a about a gay “sex” club called the Crew Club. Peter even promotes the club he disagrees with by posting the comments from CruisingforSex.com complaining how they are promoting sex and of course, disease.

Peter writes in his article:

“Needless to say, Americans For Truth calls for the Crew Club and other big-city bathhouses to be closed down as public health hazards — and as a sensible, compassionate measure to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Remember that men who do not identify as “gay” go to such clubs, with the potential of bringing disease back to their unknowing female spouses.”

This sounds really compassionate right? He is worried about the “gays” infecting the straights but they do well enough on their own really. This is enough to make even the most rational minded person think gays have a secret society of sex going on in the back rooms. Any rational person reading this might agree that the nasty homos are at it again, spreading disease with their obsession with sex…right? The truth comes out when you realize Peter is using a tactic which is illegal in the advertising world. It is called Deception by omission. This is where you only tell people a part of the story so they only have part of the story to base their beliefs about something. In this case, Peter is asking you to believe that gays are so perverted and diseased that they have special sex clubs and networks for people to find sex hook ups. This sounds plausible till the truth kicks in and says …..wait heterosexuals do the same damn thing. How can any rational person damn gays for doing something everyone else is doing too? The answer is called hate speech.

I feel frustrated when I read this stuff from Peter. I value the truth and the truth means telling everything, not just what is convenient to make your case. Truth is that thousands of married heterosexual couples go to heterosexual, swinging sex clubs. They are everywhere. Why is Peter not disclosing this information to his readers? The chances of disease are the same as the gay “crew club,” so why is Peter not giving you the whole story? Why has he made such a conscience choice to only tell you half the story? The answer is in the objective. Peter wants you to hate and fear gays as much as he does. That is why I call it hate speech.

Curious Thought

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Has it ever dawned on any of the major religions that are based on the God of Abraham that when humans were too evil and sinning too much god attacks them with fire and brimstone or mass floods.  BUT when another of God’s creations (Satan) sins, creates evil and becomes god’s nemesis, he gets his own place complete with a fire pit?  Sorry, but that baffles the shit out of me.

Today, I read that a father has murdered his own daughter over a religious dispute.  A few days ago, a young boy shot up two churches killing others and himself.    Mitt Romney is being attacked for his beliefs by Mike Huckabee who also believes his religion is the right one.   Well, guess what boys, you both cannot be right but it is possible you are both wrong!   The fact of the matter that makes me so sad is to see so much turmoil over something with so little evidence of existence.    If people would just stop fighting over who is right and who is wrong about god and look at the evidence for god from a scientific approach for evidence, examine what we have, I wonder if we would still be fighting and killing each other?

I find all the violence, killings, discrimination and turmoil just sad.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

From the mouths of babes

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(Also posted in a diary at PHB

Good As You has been covering some child voice over anti-gay radio ads running in New Jersey.

An unrelated story of theirs was this: Christian Family Coalition files remaining petition signatures needed to place Florida Marriage Amendment on the ballot [Miami Herald (Steve Rothaus’ Gay South Florida blog)]  

Which links to this:

The Christian Family Coalition announced that it has filed the remaining 3,300 petition signatures necessary to place the Florida Marriage Amendment on the November 2008 U.S. Presidential ballot. The petitions were filed with Florida4Marriage, the sponsoring political committee, per rule 1SER07-1 (1S-2.0091).

So, living in Florida, I decided to check out Florida4marriage.org to see their latest, and it turns out they have their own anti-gay child voice over radio ad. Transcript as follows:

Remember, except for the announcer (in italics), these lines are delivered by the voices of children.

Announcer: Paid for by Florida Family Policy Council.

Kids don’t always understand everything adults do.

But when it comes to having a mommy and a dad, it’s really pretty simple.

Thousands of scientific studies show that children…

…raised in a home with a married mom and dad do better physcially.

We do better emotionally.

And psychologically.

We even do better in school.

Isn’t that the point of being a parent, to raise us to be happy, and healthy, and well adjusted?

So we can raise families of our own some day.

Announcer: Raising kids in a home with a married mom and dad, not only builds great kids, it also builds healthy communities. Single parents often do a fine job raising kids, but when kids can grow up with a married mom and dad, they’re more likely to be happier, healthier, and live longer. It’s a fact, marriage protects children.

Marriage gives us the best chance to give us a mom, and a dad.

That protects our future, and yours too.

Announcer: It’s common sense. When you think about marriage, think about the future it’s designed to protect.

Besides the patronizing jab at single parents and the attempt to portray hatred as something cutsie and nice, I wanted to point out one other thing of merit.

Thousands of scientific studies show that children…

…raised in a home with a married mom and dad do better […].

It’s a soundbite talking point. What they don’t say is that these studies usually compare children of married parents with children being raised by single divorced parents, and NEVER with two married same gender parents.

So two things going on here; a) These kids are being raised by single parents (or sometimes remarried), and perhaps more importantly, b) these kids have been traumatized by divorce. Yet the intention is of course to portray the negative effects of these as being the result of being raised by two married same gender parents.

As usual, it’s what they don’t say that speaks louder than what they do say. Assuming one knows what to look for.

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Jersey to End Capital Punishment

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I haven’t read too much news lately that makes me smile but this did.   Capital Punishment has always been a failure.   It doesn’t nothing to deter crime and send a horrible message to youth that murder can be solved by murder.   I am overjoyed to see this come to an end from the state where I grew up.

Reward and Punishment are what we know but they do not work.   Ask yourself what it is you want someone to do, then ask yourself why you want them to do it.  If you want them to do it because it is the right thing, then reward and punishment don’t work.   People will do what you want to either avoid punishment or get reward.   They will not be doing it to enrich anyone’s life.    I try to avoid handing out reward and punishment in my life because I don’t believe they help us.  If people are going to do something for me, I want it to be because they want to do it from their heart.  Not because I will give them a reward for doing it or a punishment for not doing it.

You can learn more about this idea by reading the book Speak Peace

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