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June 25, 2010:  
Effective Communication Tools for Conflict Management (Providence, RI)

As of July 1, 2010, Joe Brummer has taken the job of Associate Executive Director at Community Mediation, Inc. in New Haven, CT.  All of the same workshops and services are still available through CMI.  To contact Joe, please call him at (203) 782-3514 or by visiting www.community-mediation.org .

Here is what clients, colleagues and workshop participants are saying about Joe's work:

Joe Brummer is completely committed to the field of nonviolence and shows it in both his professional and personal decorum.  His trainings are inspiring and his mediation skills are those of a seasoned professional." 
Brenda Cavanaugh, Associate Director, Community Mediation, Inc.

"I was impressed by, and learned much from, Joe’s organized and interactive workshop. Joe deftly balanced allowing participants to share their experiences with sharing his in-depth knowledge and personal anecdotes. Joe is a terrific role model of the NVC process and is an inspiration to those of us beginning our journey."
Therese Ross, Director, The Little Red School House

"Joe Brummer is a multi talented individual whose work for this agency has been exemplary. Joe recently redesigned our web site, www.bridgesinc.com., with which we are extremely pleased. It looks great, is easy to use and really reflects our agency culture. He also taught our staff how to manage the web site. Joe is terrific to work with because he is accessible, understanding and communicative. This is reflective of Joe’s other talents as mediator and instructor of Non Violent Communication (NVC). Wearing a different hat, he has been educating our agency’s managers and administrators in the philosophy and skills of NVC and we hope to maintain this collaboration with him. Feedback from staff has been exceptionally positive.  Joe’s teaching style is open, fun and encompassing.  He gains your attention and keeps you absorbed. Because we have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from our relationship with Joe, this agency will continue to find ways to keep him involved in our education and growth."
Marilyn Thomas, Staff Development Director, Bridges, Inc. January, 2009

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent working with Joe as a volunteer mediator with our agency. Beyond being an exceptionally bright and thoughtful person, his passion for understanding and communicating with others makes him a natural in the conflict resolution field. After trainings and mediations, I will try to take time to speak with Joe because my learning experience is always enhanced through reflecting with him about new information. Because of our positive experience with working with Joe as a volunteer mediator, we have asked him to serve on our Advisory Board for our Juvenile Restorative Justice Program.”
Victoria Moreno-Jackson, Program Director, Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island

"As a trainer I am always interested in observing other trainers presentation style,  observing the way they present information and assessing the quality and the content of the information in their instruction.  I find myself always looking for best practices that help to achieve the maximum audience participation and receptiveness to the trainer’s message.  Yes it true I am one of those people who actually enjoy going to training. I am delighted when it is good and has great application in my work and even happier when it enhances something in my personal life.  Joe’s sessions presented ways of enhancing what I do for the participants in my trainings as well as ways to be more fully present in my personal life.  For me his work represents the best of what a quality training can do for the participants."
Julie Anderson, MSHRM, Director of Education & Outreach AIDS Project New Haven August 2009

"I got a lot out of this workshop. Learned a lot about myself and how to do things" 
Comment on workshop evaluation from November 13, 2008

"I am happy I had the opportunity to take part in this workshop.  Joe did a great job keeping people engaged and motivated"
Comment on workshop evaluation from November 13, 2008